Proximus Bizz

Proximus Bizz, a Telecommunications company, with a BAI (Brand Ambassadorship Index) score of 55, was calculated by analyzing their social profiles and reviews on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed, which resulted in a BAI (Brand Ambassadorship Index) of 55.

Social Profiles

We did a thorough analysis of your social profiles, and calculated based on your reach and activity how engaging your followers are. The higher your score, the more active your followers are. This will result in more positive word-of-mouth about your company and product.


Likes: 221217


Followers: 27600
Following: 8140


Followers: 787
Employees: 0

Estimated Social Reach

We calculated social media reach based on your global social audience of 249K followers, that posting a message on all your social channels and assuming that you have a interaction rate of 5%, you will have the following reach.

Social Media Reach

Employee Happiness

Based on 162 reviews the average employee is rating your company 79 out of 100.

Product Happiness

Based on 54155 reviews your product is rating 91 out of 100.